Video: Defiant Green MP Golriz Ghahraman defends her work for UN in Rwanda after 'genocide denier' allegations

Green MP Golriz Ghahraman said in parliament today she worked as both a defence and prosecution lawyer for the UN in Rwanda and both have "always been equally a point of pride".

She said working on the prosecution and defence have both been "a point of pride." Source: 1 NEWS

The Green MP was responding to suggestions she was a "genocide-denier".

She said she believed every person is entitled to a trial, even those of "egregious" crimes. 

"I would essentially be letting down the human rights framework if I thought anything other than that."

She said she can see why people are concerned.

"I think it's right people are upset by these types of crime but it's something I'm happy to explain."

Ms Ghahraman released a statement earlier responding to a suggestion that she is a "genocide-denier", in which she says she is "deeply offended" by the claim. 

She was responding to a series of Tweets made by former Labour staffer Phil Quin. 

The Tweets criticise Ms Ghahraman's work at the Rwanda Tribunal, and call for her resignation.

Ms Ghahraman said she is strongly committed to upholding human rights, and "my work experience is testament to that".

She says she has worked on both prosecution and defence teams, both in New Zealand and for the United Nations. 

"Every role I have held in international justice, on both defence and prosecution, in internship and paid positions, has been as part of the official United Nations workforce.

"In fact it would be impossible to work in an 'unofficial capacity' at international tribunals," she said. 

"This is all on the public record. I've spoken extensively with journalists and at public engagements about my work experience before I was a candidate for the Green Party, during the election campaign and since I’ve become an MP."