Video: Where are the Christchurch fires located? Jack Tame explains




Firefighters are now battling a large super-fire, about 1800 hectares in size, in Christchurch.

Our Breakfast host explains the location of the fires on the city’s edge.
Source: Breakfast

TVNZ's Breakfast presenter Jack Tame gave a rundown of the fire, which is blazing away in Halswell area on Port Hills.

At the moment, Dyers Pass, which is the main trunk route between Christchurch's CBD and Lyttelton Harbour, is closed.

The fire is in that area.

Frantic efforts are underway to stop flames reaching houses on Christchurch’s Worsley Spur.
Source: Breakfast
Andrew Lynn earns husband of the year after he quickly grabbed his wife Nicky's wedding dress as they fled the Port Hills fire.
Source: Breakfast

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