Video: Cheeky kea interrupts interview as polar blast brings snow to South Island




Strong southerlies have brought snow to parts of the South Island today, but not everyone was bemoaning the early start to winter with a US couple and one cheeky kea welcoming the picturesque scene.

The snow has arrived early down south, but these travellers and one hardy parrot don’t seem to mind.
Source: 1 NEWS

The seasonal workers from America were giving an interview to 1 NEWS about the unseasonal cold snap when they noticed a kea playing with parts it had ripped from the news crew's vehicle.

"That little bugger over there, getting a little bit of your car," the man said laughing as the inquisitive parrot played with its pilfered loot.

The couple went on to say they have already experienced snow while working in Milford over the summer.

But this day is sure to live on in the memory due to their run-in with the much loved native parrot, although the repair costs on the car may leave the 1 NEWS reporters less impressed.

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