Video: Barack Obama in NZ - a glimpse of Kauri Cliffs where ex-US President is playing golf with Sir John Key

Former US President Barack Obama is playing a round of golf today at Northland's exclusive Kauri Cliffs

Mr Obama is playing golf at the exclusive Northland location. Source: 1 NEWS

Mr Obama flew in by helicopter this morning from Auckland. He's playing with Sir John Key and his son Max and others, whose identities aren't known yet.

1 NEWS reporter Helen Castles, speaking from Kauri Cliffs on TVNZ1's Midday today says, security is relatively minimal at the location.

The former US President was filmed at Mechanics Bay in Auckland this morning. Source: Breakfast

Two helicopters, one carry Obama and one carrying Sir John and his son and wife were filmed flying above Kauri Cliffs today.

On his first visit to New Zealand the former US President is at the Northland location. Source: 1 NEWS

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