Video: Auckland driver travelling with 'bouncing' trampoline on roof slapped with fine

An Auckland driver has been fined for travelling with a trampoline tied to the roof, secured by two pieces of rope.

Tianna Maxwell, who was staying in an apartment block on Quay Street, captured the unusual sight on video and shared it with 1 NEWS NOW.

The trampoline, which was larger than the car, can be seen bouncing as the driver casually travels past the ports of Auckland.

"Only in Auckland, you would see a trampoline, on top of a f****** car," Ms Maxwell can be heard saying. 

She told 1 NEWS NOW the trampoline was "bouncing really bad".

Ms Maxwell said she was surprised at seeing a police car driving behind the trampoline, saying she "would have thought the police would have pulled them over".

However, poice tell 1 NEWS NOW they were in fact ushering the driver to safety after slapping them with a fine.

"The vehicle in question was stopped on the city side of the Harbour Bridge and issued with an infringement notice for travelling with an insecure load," police told 1 NEWS NOW.

"Following this the police unit ushered the vehicle off the motorway and followed the vehicle a short distance to their final destination to ensure there was no further risk to the public."