Video: Aftermath of vicious Mongrel Mob vs Black Power fight in Rotorua




A Rotorua local has described the aftermath of a brutal gang clash yesterday between Mongrel Mob and Black Power members.

Thomas Sears said he had been told two cars were travelling in opposite directions on Lake Road about 1.30pm, one containing Mongrel Mob members and the other containing Black Power members.

"At some point one of them decided to cross the median strip and ram the other car," he said.

"They then got out and started attacking each other and their cars with anything they had ... golf clubs and knives were involved."

Video footage taken at the scene after the fight shows damaged vehicles and a heavy police presence.

A Mongrel Mob member yesterday told NZME that the traffic incident and skirmish followed other violence between the two gangs earlier in the day.

The fight had been going on for a few hours, he said, after the two gangs faced off at a property in Kawaha Point.

"Black Power people entered the house to try and extract and kill the family, we got a call to intervene," the member said - he asked for his name to be withheld.

"We, the reds, stabbed one of their members, then we took the lead car and used ourselves as targets to get them away from the family.

"They hit our car off the road and we spun out, then they smashed us with baseball bats.

"They try to kill us, we will return the favour tenfold."

Police are investigating.

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