Victims of domestic violence now can receive 10-days paid leave

Domestic violence victims can now receive up to 10-days of paid leave after a new law came into effect today. 


The law was passed in July, 2018, giving victims of domestic violence up to 10 days paid leave a year and flexible work arrangements to help deal with the impacts of violence.

Green MP Jan Logie said in a statement the law intends to ensure people impacted by domestic violence "will be able to get the help they need and keep themselves safe without worrying about losing their jobs". 

"Financial insecurity has often been a major barrier to people trying to leave abusive situations and keep themselves and their kids safe."

She said the law gives people who had been through domestic violence options and security. 

"Employers frequently told us they want to support people, but didn’t know how. Now they have a framework and guidance."

Council of Trade Unions' Rachel Mackintosh said the law change "is meant to help employees manage the effects of domestic violence and to make themselves and their children safe by giving time for things like; moving house, attending scheduled court dates, and arranging care for their children, without risking their ongoing employment". 

National were initially supportive of the Bill, however pulled their backing last May due to concerns it could have an "adverse outcome" on small to medium businesses, RNZ reported.