Vet explains why you should keep your pet cat locked inside at night

The natural roaming behaviour of cats is used to protect its territory, and can span over 16 properties.

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Stacey Tremain talked to TVNZ1’s Breakfast about how to be a good cat owner. Source: Breakfast

To avoid conflict with neighbours who may not be so keen on the visitors, and avoid angry discussion on your community Facebook page,  an Auckland vet advises people keep their pets indoors at night.

GPS studies showed they roam an average of 16 properties, often getting in fights with other people's pets, defecating, killing wildlife and getting into all kinds of other mischief.

Stacey Tremain told TVNZ1's Breakfast this morning cats aren't as easy to control as dogs, and keeping them close can be difficult.

He suggested making home as attractive as possible with toys and catnip, and keeping them inside at night.

Mr Tremain, the owner of Burmese cat Steve, says trouble happens between dusk and dawn, so that's when his cat is inside, and he encouraged others to do likewise. 

Check out Mr Tremain's tips for managing cats and keeping on side with neighbours in the video above.