Vast majority of Kiwis want businesses to champion sustainability, survey finds

More and more New Zealanders want to see businesses championing sustainability and transparency, new research shows.

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The survey shows almost 90 per cent of New Zealanders care about how sustainable a business is and value its transparency. Source: Breakfast

In a new report, 87 per cent of Kiwis said they cared about how sustainable a business is, and 71 per cent of responders said they research sustainability of businesses they buy from.

James Walker, director for sustainability at Porter Novelli, the organisation behind the ‘In Good Company’ survey, told TVNZ1’s Breakfast today the sustainability shift has been happening for a while. But the new research makes it crystal clear that New Zealanders really want it, and change can happen, he said.

“People are recognising, 'Hang on a minute, New Zealanders on the whole want this,' and in this research 87 per cent of people say they care and that sort of change can happen,” said Mr Walker.

He said the research also shows New Zealanders want businesses to be more honest about their sustainability efforts, even if they aren’t fully sustainable.

“People actually want to see those claims about sustainability coming through in advertising and the way brands talk about themselves because people want this information."

Kiwis are also doing their own research, with 71 per cent looking into products they buy and how eco-friendly they are.

“Especially something like a new automobile: You’re probably going to be like, 'Is this fuel efficient, is it time that I changed to an EV?’ and you’re going to need to go and find some information."

The research also found Kiwis think electricity providers and supermarkets are doing the most to up their game when it comes to sustainability.