Vanuatu disaster: Where you can donate

A massive international relief effort is underway in Vanuatu after a category five tropical cyclone ripped across the country.

Relief workers say there is no power at the capital's hospital, the morgue is flooded, schools are out of action and there is not enough clean water.

Aid agencies say Cyclone Pam is likely to be one of the worst disasters the Pacific has ever seen.

A New Zealand Hercules has been assigned to take supplies such as first aids kits, tarpaulins, water containers, chainsaw packs and generators to the stricken country.

Prime Minister John Key told TVNZ's Breakfast programme that New Zealand will be giving Vanuatu $2.5m in aid. At least 23 Kiwi volunteers are in Vanuatu.

How you can help

Red Cross



Tear Fund

World Vision

Save the Children