'Utterly shocked' - Kittens with deadly stab wounds found dumped outside Blenheim property

Warning: This story contains graphic content that may be distressing.

Three dead kittens with round wounds consistent with stab marks made by a screwdriver were found dumped at a Blenheim property yesterday, the SPCA says. 

SPCA (file photo). Source: 1 NEWS

SPCA’s Renwick Centre said on Facebook the tabby kittens found in Riversdale were about four to five weeks in age. Two were females and one was male. 

It said a post-mortem examination by a vet suggested the stab wounds were round, indicating they were made with a weapon like a screwdriver. 

The vet said there was blood coming from the kittens’ noses, which led them to believe the weapon entered the brain area and caused the kittens’ deaths.

The vet said the kittens were left on the property between 12.30pm to 3pm yesterday after being killed. 

There were no spots or trails of blood around the property where the kittens had been dumped, which indicated they were placed there, the SPCA said. 

Cat found dumped outside Blenheim property. Source: Facebook / SPCA Renwick Centre

Jamie Hancock, SPCA Chief Inspector in Canterbury, said the incident was shocking. 

“We are utterly shocked that anyone could carry out such an act on innocent and vulnerable kittens like this,” Hancock said.

“We understand that people's circumstances can change, and that unwanted litters can force people into a situation where they genuinely can’t care for their animals anymore. 

“But animal cruelty and neglect should never be resorted to.”

The SPCA is now urgently appealing for information from the public. 

It is asking people who were in the Riversdale area yesterday who may have information to contact the SPCA confidentially on 03 349 7057 quoting reference #316953. 

It is an offence under the Animal Welfare Act to kill an animal in a way that is not humane. Maximum penalties for charges include 12 months in jail or a $50,000 fine.