Used underwear among goods donated to Westport

Huge amounts of second-hand donations have arrived in flood-stricken Westport - but much of it can't be used, and 1 NEWS can reveal around half of it will end up in the dump.

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The huge amount of donated goods includes used underwear, stiletto heels, and even a waterbed, with authorities pleading for the public to stop. Source: 1 NEWS

Some have donated used underwear, bras, stiletto heels, broken toys and even a waterbed.

Authorities are pleading for the public to stop.

“Fifty per cent of the stuff I’ve seen come in at this point is probably dumpable stuff. That's the frustration,” a volunteer told 1 NEWS.

“It's really good that people want to donate and help out with the response, but it is becoming a little bit overwhelming for people to deal with,” Shona Morgan from the Civil Defence logistics team said.

Goods donated to Westport flood victims. Source: 1 NEWS

Anything edible will be given to the local food bank.

The Mayoral Relief Fund has already surpassed $48,000 in public donations, with the Government adding a further $300,000 to that.