US media delights in Christchurch Wizard story, as he looks to pass on robes

US media has delighted in reporting on the Christchurch Wizard, as he looks to pass his hallowed robes on to an apprentice.

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It's 2007 and the Wizard is performing in pre-quake Cathedral Square. Source: 1 NEWS

The story of Ian Brackenbury Channell - aka The Wizard of New Zealand - appears to have fascinated people in the US after first being picked up by CNN on the weekend.

Numerous other media outlets then jumped at the chance to tell the magical tale of a now 87-year-old Kiwi wizard looking to pass on his powers to a younger trainee.

The New York Post and Fox35 Orlando were among those to feature stories on the search.

Most of the headlines are centred on the fact Christchurch City Council pay $US10,400 a year for the privilege of having a bona-fide wizard promote the city.

The wizard of Christchurch speaks in Cathedral Square to a crowd of tourists and spectators. Source:

"This New Zealand man gets paid $10,000 a year to be a city's official wizard," CNN's headline reads. "City in New Zealand employs a Wizard who makes $10K a year — and he’s currently looking for a replacement," states Fox35 Orlando's headline.

The man in the running to take over from Mr Channell as the new wizard is 39-year-old Ari Freeman. He has been an apprentice for six years now.

"I want the wizard phenomenon to continue, and I will totally fulfill that role," Mr Freeman told CNN. "Like a band needs a guitar player - I'll be that guitar player."

The Wizard of New Zealand lists himself as being an orator and tourist attraction in Christchurch from 1974 to the present day.

He was awarded the Queen’s Service Medal in 2009.