US couple injured in Whakaari/White Island disaster making 'amazing progress'

US survivors of the Whakaari/White Island eruption may be well enough to go home as early as next week.

Rick Reed with his brother-in-law, Barry Kohn. Source: Gofundme / Barry Kohn

Rick Reed was left with burns to 30 per cent of his body following the December 9 disaster which left 20 people dead and many others injured.

Mr Reed’s wife, Ivy Kohn Reed, remains at Middlemore Hospital after suffering burns to her right leg, hands and face on the island.

Barry Kohn, Ms Kohn Reed’s brother, wrote on fundraising site Gofundme today that the pair are making "amazing progress" as they recover from their injuries.

Mr Reed has begun physical therapy after being on bed rest for more than a week following surgery, he said, while Ms Kohn Reed continues to progress with her rehabilitation.

Rick Reed and his wife, Ivy Kohn Reed. Source: Gofundme / barry Kohn

"The results were all good and [Rick] has begun physical therapy to start walking again! Within 3 days they have him standing and walking (slowly) on his own," he said. 

Ms Kohn Reed, Mr Kohn wrote, "continues to progress with her rehabilitation. She is working daily with her physical and occupational therapists."

“If all continues to go well, there is a good chance they will be able to fly home sometime next week!

“Obviously Ivy and Rick are making amazing progress but they are still a long way from being able to rejoin their 'normal' lives. In fact, they really won’t but rather will each have to establish a new normal.

“The long-term issues/care they will need remain significant and this site is critical to helping them offset those future costs. Your continued donations and sharing are greatly appreciated.”

To donate to the couple's Gofundme page, click here.