'The upper low is stuck' - More rain to come for the West Coast as heavy downfalls sees properties flooded

There is more heavy rain to come for the upper West Coast of the South Island according to TVNZ weather presenter Dan Corbett.

Earlier today a massive 75mm of rain in just two hours left many properties in Greymouth flooded, a slow moving low means residents there are not out of the woods yet.

"The upper low is stuck, it's not moving so there is more heavy rain on the way there for the West Coast, we've even had some decent rain to the east coast.

Mayor Tony Kokshoorn urges Greymouth residents to avoid travel after heavy rain causes 'huge amount of surface water'. Source: Supplied

"Christchurch for example has picked up some 20 to 25mm on top of the rain they had yesterday," Corbett explains.

However, the weekend is looking better for West Coast residents.

"The low bringing the rain will continue into the early hours of tonight then start to ease back into Friday afternoon."

Another low forming to the west of the country is one to look out for next week according to Corbett.

Welfare centre set up

A welfare centre has been set up at the Westland Recreation Centre on High Street in Greymouth, and residents are being urged to head there if their property is at risk of flooding.

"What we've got is a a situation where we've just called a Civil Defence meeting - it's that bad," said Greymouth Mayor Tony Kokshoorn in an update.

He said the town has been closed off in and around the Ashley Motor Inn, where a creek that periodically floods is going through houses.

There is also a lot of flooding around the Sawyers Creek, which the council are currently monitoring.

Several places around the town have had to be evacuated including Barnardos on Alexander Street.

Motorists are also being advised to avoid driving through town due to the backwash from cars.

"Luckily in the last hour the rain has stopped and a lot of that floodwater has resided," said Mayor Kokshoorn.

But the council are on alert this afternoon as more rain is forecast and high tide is expected later today.

"This event is one we're working through step by step," said Mayor Kokshoorn.

"A lot of surface water has gone but we're watching it hour by hour."

TVNZ weather presenter Dan Corbett with the latest update. Source: 1 NEWS