Up to 63,724 Kiwis may have been affected by Cambridge Analytica data 'misuse'

Facebook has estimated that up to 63,724 Kiwis may be among the 87 million globally who had data about them misused or collected in a dishonest way by Cambridge Analytica.

Source: US ABC

It revealed 10 Kiwis are estimated to have downloaded an app allowing access to their personal data, and that of their friends. Source: 1 NEWS

Cambridge Analytica, a company based in England, is under investigation for the tactics it uses to obtain data about people for political uses - including Facebook quiz apps.

Facebook today said that 10 New Zealanders had specifically downloaded one such quiz app, and that because the quiz app also scraped those users' contacts, the total number of people affected was about 63,724.

The social media giant said users who allowed the app in question access will be shown a message telling them how to revoke access.

They also said they are going to be "dramatically reducing the information people can share with apps.

"We're shutting down other ways data was being shared through Groups, Events, Pages and Search," a spokesperson said.

Cambridge Analytica's methods rely on profiling people based on data they provide to social media networks and other online sources, and then selling that data to companies or political organisations to help them target voters or potential customers.