Unruly Air NZ passenger restrained by staff during 12-hour flight to Auckland

A passenger on board an Air New Zealand flight from Los Angeles to Auckland has been taken in to police custody after having to be restrained mid-flight. 

File picture. Source: 1 NEWS

Police met the Boeing 777 on its arrival in to the city at 6am today and have taken the person in for questioning. 

An Air New Zealand spokesperson told 1 NEWS the passenger had failed to comply with instructions and as a result had to be restrained during the 12 hour flight. 

The airline says they have seen a 'concerning' increase in verbal and physical abuse towards staff in the past year.

"The safety of our crew and customers is paramount and Air New Zealand will issue offending customers with travel bans should customers fail to comply with crew instructions.

"Unfortunately, we've seen an increase in verbal and physical abuse and poor attitudes towards our staff in the past year as more customers try to consume too much alcohol, and in some cases do so when on medication or in a state of extreme over tiredness.

"The impact of this on themselves, those they are travelling with, other customers and our staff can be quite concerning. We want everyone flying with us to have a memorable travel experience – for the right reasons."