Unlikely New Zealand mum and daughter music duo crack the big time in China

A New Zealand mother and daughter singing duo have become hugely popular in China. 

Samantha Toner-Green and her mother Celine Toner can't believe their success either with their lives in China being made up of TV appearances, glittery-glam outfits and audiences of thousands. 

The pair have appeared on television in China to an audience of millions.

"It was televised and streamed to 500 million people.. which is insane to get one's head around," says daughter, Samantha.

They describe their genre as a Celtic-classical crossover and combining that with their Kiwi look, it's worked to their success. 

Celine says: "Because we are coming from New Zealand as well, the whole Kiwi exoticness that comes with that, they just love it."

With the two of them on vocals it leaves dad Barry to be the manager meaning they get to work together as a family

"We do travel as a family and Barry is always with us, when people find out we're traveling as a family - husband, wife and daughter - they always say family family family!'"

On the surface they're just a standard singing duo from New Zealand. Source: Seven Sharp