Unlicensed builders fined for carrying out restricted work

Two unlicensed builders in separate cases have been fined for carrying out restricted building work without being licensed.

Taupō man Terry Draper has been charged for misrepresenting himself as a licensed building practitioner (LBP) and undertaking restricted work.

He has been ordered to pay $3000 plus other costs for the misrepresentation, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment say in a statement.

Draper was subcontracted to Landmark Homes to undertake brick and block laying work, after telling them he was licensed to do so.

He completed a Record of Work (ROW) using a false LBP registration number.

Mr Draper’s ROW was submitted to the Taupō District Council who on review, advised Landmark Homes that Mr Draper was not a LBP.

MBIE’s Occupational Licensing Operations Manager Duncan Connor says: "It is unacceptable for an unlicensed builder to claim to be an LBP when they do not hold a licence to carry out restricted building work."

In the second case George Faulkner has been sentenced in the Hutt City District Court after pleading guilty to carrying out restricted building work when he was unlicensed to do so.

He was ordered to pay reparation of $4500 in addition to a fine of $2000 plus costs after leaving homeowners with uncompleted work.

Mr Faulker carried out restricted building work at the property.

"These prosecutions send a clear message to the building industry that claiming to be a licensed building practitioner and carrying out restricted building work without holding a licence is illegal," says Mr Connor.

Unrecognizable manual worker using circular saw while cutting piece of wood at construction site. His colleagues are in the background.
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