University of Otago Campus Cop shows students 'strong arm of the law'

Otago University students were challenged to a push-up competition by their local 'Campus Cop' John Woodhouse, on Friday afternoon.

Students and Residential Assistants set their best total of push-ups before Senior Constable Woodhouse took his turn.

The best attempt by a student was 43 push-ups.

Senior Constable Woodhouse won the event in good form, passing 50 push-ups.

The event had an underlying agenda of informing First Year students of Woodhouse's role at the university.

"I think it's important for them to realise there is a Campus Constable, and he's there for them - there to make them safe." Woodhouse said. 

Woodhouse said his purpose is to introduce himself to the students and let them realise there's a "strong arm to the law behind the soft face of policing".