United Future party to disband due to falling vote numbers - 'Extremely proud of what we've achieved'




The United Future party has confirmed that it will disband due to falling vote numbers.

Mr Light says all the tax would do would be to "disincentivise" the sale of housing.

United Future leader Damian Light.

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The party failed to reach the five per cent threshold in the September General Election.

Former party leader Peter Dunne retired just weeks out from this years' elections, saying "there is now a mood amongst Ohariu voters for a change of MP, which is unlikely to alter".

The United Future party was formed in 2000 and Mr Dunne held the Ohariu seat for more than 33 years - since 1984.

After three decades, the United Future leader won't be standing for Ohariu after polling saw him in trouble.
Source: Breakfast

United Future leader Damian Light said in a release this morning that "all good things must come to an end".

"We're extremely proud of what we've achieved over the past 15 years, working alongside the government of the day, both National and Labour," Mr Light said.

"Despite our successes in parliament, it is no secret that we have struggled at election time.

"We know people like our policies and vision but it hasn't translated into votes.

The United Future leader was a key government ally, but won't stand in his long-held Ohariu seat this time around.
Source: Breakfast

"While the reasons vary, what has become clear is that United Future will not be able to achieve the significant number of votes required to break the high threshold."

The release said the decision to disband was accepted unanimously among party members at this weekend's Annual General Meeting in Auckland.

"Thank you everyone who has stood, supported and voted for us throughout the last 15 years," Mr Light said.

"We have achieved a massive amount in a short space and we are proud.

"While there is sadness at end of United Future Party, all good things must end."

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