Unique Auckland home likely to be restored as 91-year-old owner heads to country 'to be reborn'

Felicia Reeves has lived on Sunray Avenue in the Auckland suburb of Tirirangi for 56 years - but the time has finally come to search out new horizons.

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Felicia Reeves’ Tītīrangi home was built in 1964. Source: Seven Sharp

Speaking to Seven Sharp, Felicia said her unique home - which she designed - had always been all she ever wanted.

The 1964 home on 1100 square metres of land features a large central sun deck with a glass roof.

"People said to me, why don't you close in the roof, you can have an extra room - but we like to see the stars," she said.

After holding onto the home for all those decades without a thought of looking elsewhere, Ms Reeves said she now yearns for a new home in the country.

"I don't like cities - Titirangi was a nice, sort of quiet place - but we need to be free.

"We're going to go into the country - we're going to be free."

Ms Reeves said she has big ideas for the new place, too - including a substantial craft room and plenty of room for her pet chickens and cat to run around.

"We need to see birds, we need to hear birds, we need to have chickens running around - all that sort of thing," she said.

"I'm going to see the big wide spaces and be reborn."

Her son Cole says he has a lot of memories in that house - including tying together sheets as a boy so he could rappel down the side of the house out of his window.

One of his favourite objects inside is an "original New Zealand-made freezer", which is still going after more than five decades.

"I believe it's probably going to go for my entire lifetime, because we're taking it with us when we leave," he said.

"You just scrape your cup up the side of the fridge and you've got instant ice."

Cole also said the new owners could be finding some hidden treasure, as he may have hidden some money inside a wall at some point, but now can't remember where it is.

They're hoping the new owners - understood to be the next-door neighbours - will restore the home to its former glory.