Union wants a 40 per cent minimum wage boost

A union representing almost 30,000 workers is calling on the government to hike the minimum wage by 40 percent over the next three years.

The FIRST union, which advocates for 27,000 finance, industrial, retail, stores and transport workers wants the current rate of $14.75 increased to $20.65 in 2018.

It wants the government to hike the rate in three steps, starting with a $1.75 rise to $16.50 this year.

"A 25 cent or 50 cent increase won't cut the mustard for working people and their families," said the union's general secretary Robert Reid.

He says the increase in the wage would help boost and cut inequality.

It wants the rate to hit $18.46 in 2017 before rising more than two dollars the following year.

Top banker backs higher wages for workers Source: 1 NEWS

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