UK trade secretary says NZ meat industry won't be worse off after Brexit

The UK Trade Secretary is trying to calm the fears of the Kiwi meat industry saying they won't be worse off after Brexit.

Liam Fox is in New Zealand to help lay the ground work for free trade talks. Source: 1 NEWS

Liam Fox is visiting down under this week in the hopes of securing future free trade deals with New Zealand and Australia following the UK's exit from the European Union next year.

Brexit is expected to disrupt New Zealand exporters regardless of whether the deal goes ahead as planned or not, with New Zealand's agreed quota for meat exports to Europe to be split in two - one for Europe and one for the UK.

Mr Fox says: "The question is, how much does Britain take of that? And we want to be fair to those who are currently exporting to the UK, including New Zealand."

While the New Zealand meat industry fears the split will curb market access, Mr Fox says they won't be worse off.

"New Zealand will be a very key strategic partner in that battle for global free trade," he says.

Police caught out by massive crowd at Tongan league protest in Auckland

It appears police have been caught out by the huge numbers who arrived in the Auckland CBD to protest the result of the Tonga vs England Rugby League World Cup semi-final last night.

They initially estimated about 4,000 people had turned up, but numbers continued to flood into the city after the march arrived at Aotea Square.

Police called in reinforcements from Waitakere and Counties Manukau but traffic was still at a standstill on Queen Street at 8.30pm.

Cars flying Tongan flags were tooting continuously. Some passengers were sitting on car roof's, one woman was standing on a car bonnet and fireworks were being let off among the traffic chaos.

1 NEWS reporter Nicole Bremner and camera operator Clint Bruce walked from Aotea Square to the bottom of Queen Street and did not see a single police officer on patrol.

All police staff were centred on activity in Aotea Square and on traffic queues trying to get from the waterfront to Queen Street.

Quay Street, outside the Ferry Building, was completely blocked by Tonga supporters who were gathered on the roadway blocking traffic.

Protesters told 1 NEWS they are unhappy with the result of the semi final that saw Tonga eliminated from the Rugby League World Cup.

Some are calling a controversial refereeing decision to be reviewed, while others are calling for Tonga to immediately be given a place in the final.

'Akilisi Pohiva spoke to 1 NEWS' Nicole Bremner during the Tongan fan protest. Source: 1 NEWS