UK trade secretary says NZ meat industry won't be worse off after Brexit

The UK Trade Secretary is trying to calm the fears of the Kiwi meat industry saying they won't be worse off after Brexit.

Liam Fox is in New Zealand to help lay the ground work for free trade talks. Source: 1 NEWS

Liam Fox is visiting down under this week in the hopes of securing future free trade deals with New Zealand and Australia following the UK's exit from the European Union next year.

Brexit is expected to disrupt New Zealand exporters regardless of whether the deal goes ahead as planned or not, with New Zealand's agreed quota for meat exports to Europe to be split in two - one for Europe and one for the UK.

Mr Fox says: "The question is, how much does Britain take of that? And we want to be fair to those who are currently exporting to the UK, including New Zealand."

While the New Zealand meat industry fears the split will curb market access, Mr Fox says they won't be worse off.

"New Zealand will be a very key strategic partner in that battle for global free trade," he says.