UK shuts down cafes, pubs, cinemas in attempt to stem spread of coronavirus

All bars, cafes, pubs and restaurants across the UK will close tonight to stem the spread of Covid-19.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the new measures at his daily press conference and said nightclubs, theatres, gyms, cinemas and leisure centres would close to avoid unnecessary social contact.  

"Some people may be tempted to go out tonight. I say to you please don’t," Mr Johnson said.

Since the measures were introduced the vibrant and busy London has turned into a ghost town with several landmarks empty as Britons stay home.

Trafalgar Square. Source: 1 NEWS

"The more effectively we follow the advice we are given, the faster this country will stage a medical and economic recovery in full."

He repeated the importance of flattening the curve and protecting the country’s National Health system’s resilience.

The government also unveiled an unprecedented rescue package for workers and businesses pledging it will pay all employers 80 per cent of their salary, just over NZ$5000 a month.

The death toll in England is now 177.

Picadilly Circus. Source: 1 NEWS