Uber, taxi drivers will get passenger licences easier, cheaper, faster under law change


It'll soon be easier, cheaper and faster for drivers of taxis or Ubers to get their passenger endorsement licence.

The Government is changing the law that governs small passenger service vehicles such as taxis and shared services like Uber. 

Law changes will make it cheaper, easier and faster for drivers to get qualifications to carry passengers.
Source: 1 NEWS

Uber has been flouting the law, with many drivers not gaining 'P' licences. 

Transport Minister Simon Bridges says Uber has been telling the Government if it was easier and cheaper to get those licenses, they'd to it. So that's what the Government has done.

Drivers will no longer have to take English language tests or pass the 'Knowledge' test. Mr Bridges says that's modernising the law because many drivers now rely on GPS technology so don't need to have knowledge of the local area.

There will also no longer be a compulsory requirement to have a safety camera, but only if there is other technology, such as a phone application that allows the passenger to know who the driver is in advance (as is used on the Uber app) and shows where the driver is on a GPS or online map.

Seven Sharp investigates what happens when the NZTA cracks down on people driving for Uber without the correct documents.
Source: Seven Sharp

But Blue Bubble Taxis says the Government is watering down safety requirements. 

"Reducing regulation that ensures public and driver safety will result in a loss of public confidence in the safety of small passenger services, and puts passengers and drivers at risk," said chief executive Bob Wilkinson.

Mr Wilkinson says there are hundreds, if not thousands, of drivers who flout the law.

Uber has not responded to 1 NEWS requests for comment.

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