Typhoid outbreak in Auckland puts 10 people in hospital, more cases expected

Ten people have been hospitilised after an outbreak of typhoid in Auckland and it's expected there'll be more cases. 

Auckland Regional Public Health Service says the first cases were reported last week and it's believed the disease was brought to New Zealand from overseas. 

Those affected are from from Mt Roskill, Blockhouse Bay and Manurewa and they are in a number of hospitals across the Auckland area.

Some of the patients are from the Pacific community.

The disease is spread primarily through water and food but can be spread person to person. 

The serious illness is potentially fatal but can be treated with antibiotics. 

Typhoid symptoms include a high fever developing over several days, headaches, general weakness and muscle aches. 

Stomach pain and constipation are also common but some people get diarrhoea.

Anyone with those symptoms feeling very unwell should to see their doctor or an after-hours clinic.

Source: 1 NEWS