Two unborn babies die in Auckland after mothers contract measles

Two unborn babies have died due to potential measles complications after a number of pregnant women caught the disease in Auckland.

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Health authorities revealed today that five pregnant mums have been hospitalised with the disease. Source: 1 NEWS

Dr Karen Bartholomew, Waitematā and Auckland DHB director of health outcomes, gave the latest update on the outbreak today.

"We found that although there haven't been any deaths from measles cases, it was noted that we had five pregnant women who were hospitalised and there were two foetal losses associated with those events," Dr Bartholomew said.

"These events were not measles cases. However, they have been classified as serious complications potentially related to measles, and that's maternal measles."

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The deaths came after several pregnant women caught the disease, Dr Karen Bartholomew said today. Source: 1 NEWS

The women whose babies were lost were both in their second trimester according to Auckland Regional Public Health Service.

Medical officer of health Dr William Rainger says pregnant women shouldn't be "unduly concerned" but if they have concerns they can ask their anti-natal carer to check their immune status.

In a wider sense, the number of measles cases being recorded in Auckland continues to decline after reaching a peak at the end of August.

There have been a total of 1307 cases of measles confirmed in Auckland for the year to date.