Two-thirds against changing flag, poll shows

John Key will struggle to win public support for his desire to change the New Zealand flag if a poll by is anything to go by.

Close-up of New Zealand flag

The poll of nearly 1000 people taken over the past two days showed two-thirds against the idea.

To the question "Are you in favour of changing the New Zealand flag?", 65% ticked "No" and 35% clicked "Yes".

The newly re-elected Prime Minister on Monday indicated a referendum on the flag is likely next year, saying he would "like to do it as a 2015 issue".

"I'm obviously a big supporter of the change, I think there are a lot of strong arguments in favour of the change," he said.

Mr Key had previously told Victoria University in March that a cross-parliamentary working group would recommend the best way to hold the referendum.

"We want a design that says 'New Zealand'," he said.

By law the flag can be changed by parliamentary majority but Mr Key says it's a decision for all Kiwis.