Two long-term contraception devices to be made available at no cost, Pharmac announces

Pharmac has announced that two highly effective forms of contraception will be available for free from 1 November.


The Mirena and Jaydess are both forms of long-acting contraception.

"Funding these two additional devices for contraception will improve equity and access to health care," Family Planning chief executive Jackie Edmond said today in a statement.

"It means everyone, regardless of their income, can now choose a Mirena or a Jaydess as a contraceptive option.

"This is a great step forward for New Zealand."

Both devices have been available in New Zealand for a number of years but cost between $300 and $500 dollars.

Previously, only a small number of people with particular medical conditions could qualify for a free device.

Associate Health Minister Julie Anne Genter also applauded the funding change. 

"I know from talking to women and organisations like Family Planning, that price is a significant barrier to accessing contraception." she said.

"The Government has already moved to ensure women who have a Community Service Card, those living in low income areas, or in high need, will have better access to free or very low cost contraception."

Mirena is said to work up to five years and Jaydess for three years.

Both are 99 per cent effective, with stats that show one pregnancy per 100 users per year.