Two light aircraft collide in mid-air near Masterton leaving more than one person believed injured

More than one person is believed to have been injured after two light aircraft collided in the Wairarapa.

Light plane in motion. Source:

Emergency services were called to the crash near Hughes Line, Masterton, at about 11.15am, police said.

An ambulance central spokesperson told 1 News they sent 3 ambulances and a manager vehicle to the scene of the crash.

A local resident told 1 NEWS she was outside when she saw the two light planes collide.

She said there was a loud bang and a lot of debris fell from the sky.

She said she feared for the lives of the pilots, who she assumed were heading to the Aerodrome nearby.

Hughes Line had since been cordoned off by police and fire and ambulance services had arrived.

The Civil Aviation Authority been notified of the crash and are working with emergency services, a spokesperson told 1 NEWS.