Two Kiwi teens chase their polo dream in England

Two teenagers from the tiny Hawke's Bay village of Porangahau are chasing an English summer dream in a minority sport more often associated with royalty.

Two boys from a tiny Hawke's Bay village are chasing an English summer dream in a minority sport. Source: 1 NEWS

Wirihana Kururangi moved to the tiny settlement of Porangahau for a better life four years ago.

"He's still here with me and I don't think he's going to leave," says polo coach Harriet Te Kuru.

The 16-year-old's younger cousin Waitakeo followed him two years later.

"Here they have a responsibility they've got all of these horses to look after and if they don't look after them properly then they don't have any horses to ride," says Ms Te Kuru.

Ms Te Kuru has given the teens a home and passed on her love of polo, a sport few Maori play.

"We're the only ones at the moment," says Wirihana.

The boys compete in Hawke's Bay and are so keen they're off to England soon for the season there.

They’ll turn out for the Hurtwood Park Club where the royals like Prince Charles and his sons have played.

"I'm trying to push to better myself at polo so in order to do that you've got to go and play all year round, England's that way of doing it," says Wirihana.

"I want to make something out of this while I can," says Waitakeo.

"I'm living the dream that I wanted to live," says Wirihana.

Ms Te Kuru says she regards fulfilling that dream as her mission.

"For me it's about progress and getting a better life for themselves, that's what I get out of this."

"She's done a lot for us just thankful for all the help she's given us," says Wirihana.

Whatever their sporting future maybe, these boys are putting Porangahau polo on the map.