Two injured in explosion at Christchurch laundromat - 'I was just woken to a huge bang'

Two people have been injured following an explosion at a Christchurch laundromat this morning.

Emergency services were called to the address on Buckley’s Road in Linwood around 6:30am.

A fire spokesperson says the fire is now contained and the two injured people were taken to hospital.

They were moderately hurt. 

Site of explosion at Christchurch laundromat
Site of explosion at Christchurch laundromat Source: 1 NEWS

People have taken to Facebook, saying the bang was loud and shook the ground like an earthquake. 

"Something's happening in Linwood somewhere," one person wrote.

"I was just woken to a huge bang not sure if a crash or an explosion then HEAPS of sirens all stopping somewhere close to me. My whole house shook."

A fire investigator is heading to the scene to determine the cause.

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Linwood was rocked by a large bang coming from the laundromat, with two people suffering moderate injuries in the explosion. Source: 1 NEWS