Two Air New Zealand flights hit by lightning on their way to Queenstown

Two Air New Zealand flights have been struck by lightning as they made their way to Queenstown Airport today.

Both flights were forced to divert to Christchurch after the strikes to check for any damage according to the NZ Herald.

They also report that passengers on one of the planes said it shook and they could smell burning after the strike.

A spokesperson for Air New Zealand commented on the strikes to the NZ Herald, saying the following: "Flight NZ605 from Wellington to Queenstown and flight NZ621 from Auckland to Queenstown diverted to Christchurch after encountering lightning this afternoon.

"Customers have been accommodated on alternative services and by road.

"The A320 aircraft are undergoing standard engineering checks in Christchurch.

"Lightning strikes are not uncommon. Aircraft are designed with this in mind and our pilots train for this scenario."

According to a tweet from Queenstown Airport most arrivals and departures have been affected by the stormy weather today.

The Metservice is warning of possible hail in amongst a band of thunderstorms hitting the region as the weather turns nasty down south.

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