Twenty-nine tonnes in 2.5 years: The Westport man cleaning up NZ's coastlines

Two-and-a-half years ago, Westport man Des Watson quit his full-time job to travel around the country and clean up the coastlines. 

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Des Watson has a passion for the ocean and has devoted his time to tidying up NZ’s coastlines. Source: 1 NEWS

Extremely passionate about the ocean and the protection of the environment, it was a Givealittle page which has largely enabled him to remove about 29 tonnes of rubbish from public places.

The founder of Kiwis Clean Aotearoa told Seven Sharp he fills two to three bags per day with anywhere between three to 700 pieces of rubbish. 

"I get to a section of beach and I'll walk three or four kilometres either side of the beach depending on how much rubbish I pick up," he said.

"Eight million tonnes of plastic entering the oceans every year and I often think to myself how long can our oceans sustain this kind of abuse."

Every day, Watson posts a live update on his Facebook page for his supporters.

The initiative has since sparked a movement inspiring others to get out and clean up around the country. 

"Many hands make light work. You know I can't clean up our beautiful country alone.

"Since I've started I've seen different groups pop up here and there and there's been some going before I started and I just love everyone's passion about keeping the environment clean."

With funds running low, Watson said he still needs the country's help to keep doing his mahi by donating to the Givealittle page.