Twelve-year-old with one leg impresses at AIMS Games

A 12-year-old boy competing in the country’s largest intermediate aged sporting event is proving he can play alongside able-bodied athletes despite only having one leg.

Four years ago, Josh Tia was diagnosed with blood poisoning and his toes were amputated.

Last year he made a big decision when faced with the prospect of not playing sport.

“My ankle couldn’t move, it was malfunctioning. And they gave me a choice of paralysing it, or chopping it off," he says.

Josh says the decision to have his leg amputated was easy following a visit to the limbs centre where he was told he could play rugby and basketball with a prosthetic leg.

He now competes using a blade, similar to his hero, Liam Malone. 

Josh’s mum, Kristi Tia, says he has always been determined even before his leg was removed and it was a “no brainer” when he made the decision.

“We've always said 'if there's a will  there's a way, go do what you need to do, and we'll support you'," she says.

Today at the AIMS Games in Tauranga Josh played basketball for his school Maidstone Intermediate, from Upper Hutt.

His coach says he’s always the first to practice and has a great attitude.

Josh also won gold for breaststroke in the Para Swimming competition.

Josh Tia made the huge decision to have a leg removed, so he could continue playing sport. Source: 1 NEWS