TVNZ's collection of Māori media and television taonga protected from international sales

Television New Zealand's collection of Māori media and television taonga has been protected from international sales and distribution.

Maori carving (file picture). Source:

The deal with Getty Images was announced on Saturday evening at Ngā Aho Whakaari's (Māori in Screen Production) hui-ā-tau and means programmes such as Waka Huia, Koha and Marae are no longer available to Getty Images.

"TVNZ Te Reo Tātaki has listened to the Māori screen sector," TVNZ's Commissioning Consultant for Māori and Pacific Programmes Nevak Rogers said.

"We acknowledge the issue of our archives has been a topic of ongoing industry concern, particularly in relation to archive access and the protection of intellectual property.

"TVNZ’s archive of dedicated Māori screen content should be vested with a Māori organisation.

"TVNZ is willing to pass the mantle of kaitiakitanga (guardianship) for fully-funded programmes such as Koha, Marae and Waka Huia to an appropriate Māori body to ensure the onscreen preservation of our language and culture for generations to come," Ms Rogers said.

One show TVNZ will retain footage from is their Māori news programme, Te Karere.

"Te Karere is an integral part of our daily news gathering – we share resources and stories across the newsroom. It’s pivotal to helping lead the revitalisation and normalisation of te reo Māori while producing breaking news from a Māori perspective."

Taonga like Waka Huia, Koha and Marae had never been sold internationally through Gettys. And TVNZ says the new provisions remove the potential for future sale.