TVNZ Debate: Bill maintains Labour has $11b budget black hole in face of stern grilling from Jacinda

A frustrated Jacinda Ardern has appealed to Bill English's personal integrity, as she asked him to "look me in the eye" and tell her there was a $11 billion Labour budget black hole.

There were fireworks during the leaders debate over a key part of the election campaign. Source: 1 NEWS

"If you ask me Bill it was a complete fabrication, no one has agreed with you, but what it did do is it confused voters, it was politics as usual, all they heard was someone making up numbers, then having been showed to have been lying about it," Ms Ardern said in tonight's final TVNZ Leaders Debate.

"It did neither of us a favour Bill." 

However, Mr English didn't budge an inch on National Finance spokesman Steven Joyce's largely discredited budget black hole accusation, maintaining there is "a big hole, everyone agrees there's a hole in the Labour budget" 

Ms Ardern then asked Mr English if he could look her in the eye as he said Labour's budget had and $11 billion hole.

To which he replied: "Yes absolutely, they all agree there's a hole, you can argue how big it is."