From tsunamis to earthquakes, the Kaikoura Cheese maker with a recipe for disaster

Cheese maker Daniel Jenkins has a great attitude to life, despite disaster following him and his business around. 

It seems horrific events have followed Daniel Jenkins, but he's not letting that put him off his award-winning game. Source: Seven Sharp

He was there for the floods in Greymouth in the 80s, Mount Ruapehu blowing up, a tsunami in Asia, the London bombing, the earthquakes in Christchurch and now the Kaikoura earthquake. 

Mr Jenkins can laugh about it now, but four months ago his cheese shop was in ruins. 

"It was really hard to go in there and see all our cheeses on the floor. Everyone's hard work... Wasted," he said.

It was the busiest time of year and months of work was destroyed in seconds. 

He thought about giving up, "for about two hours". 

They picked up the pieces and ended up scoring fantastic results at the New Zealand Cheese Awards. 

Mr Jenkins puts his secret ingredient down to the town itself. 

"The factory is right next to the ocean, so we get this amazing influence that rolls in off the ocean and throughout our cheese factory, and what that does is the native yeasts and flora become part of our cheese."

"Essentially we get the flavour of Kaikoura in our cheese".