Tsunami threat has now passed say the Ministry for Civil Defence

The Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management has advised that the tsunami, beach and marine threat has now passed. 

The largest wave amplitude of 35-40cm was recorded at the Chatham Islands. Other sites in New Zealand have shown wave amplitudes of 15-25cm.

We don't expect significantly larger waves to occur. However, coastal areas will likely experience unusual, strong currents and surges lasting for several more hours.

A tsunami warning was issued for coastal parts of New Zealand after a powerful earthquake shook Mexico. 

The Ministry for Civil Defence & Emergency management had issued a tsunami warning for Chatham islands, Pegasus Bay, Northern Coast of Hawke's bay and East Cape. 

  The earthquake in Mexico is one of the biggest felt there in years, measuring 8.1 on the Richter scale. 

Labour promises $2.8 m for Kaitaia's Te Hiku Sports Hub

Jacinda Ardern has announced a cash injection for the sport and recreation complex. Source: 1 NEWS


Back to Basics: Cutting the chemicals from your household

This week our columnist Lydia Harvey shows us that we don't have to buy every cleaning product on offer to keep a clean house.

Lydia's home made cleaning products.
Lydia's home made cleaning products. Source: 1 NEWS

From personal care to home care, every day we are bombarded with huge assortments of chemical laden cleaning products for every surface in our homes.

We are filling our homes with unnecessary products which mean excess waste for our environment with packaging and not to mention a waste for our pockets. Even with a great range of plant based products now available there are some simple steps you can take to make, replace or extend everyday items.

DIY products
To make your own homemade products you don't have to start big. Start with a few easy to do products such as laundry liquid or toothpaste. It won't be long until you will want to try other products.

Minimise your products
Use a little less of everything you need. Even if you aren't ready to make all your own products simply start with an empty bottle and a 30/70 mix of water and disinfectant as a replacement spray for toilets, sinks etc. Not only does it keep costs down, it keeps waste down. This can also be used for dish washing liquids and pump soaps.

Upcycle your products
Handmade household products can make great gifts. Bottle up homemade laundry liquids for gifting or even extend the life of old towels, tea towels etc. cutting them into dishcloths and storing in a basket or glass jar. They are also perfect for sticky fingers at dinner time.

Simplify your products
Make fewer products that do multiple jobs. This could be anything from a spray bottle with apple cider vinegar, baking soda and water to remove mold or wipe bench tops or clean toilets. You can even ditch the window cleaner for hot wet newspaper.

Involve the kids
Seeming as you are cutting the chemicals you are offering the kids a safe experimental space where they can mix, pour and measure until their hearts content.

Lydia's home made cleaning products.
Lydia's home made cleaning products. Source: 1 NEWS

From Lydia's kitchen: DIY liquid laundry

10 litre bucket
Lemon scented
1 cup of baking soda
1/3 cup of washing salt
1 cup of grated soap (we use eco stores lemon one)
10 drops of lemon essence
Combine all ingredients together in a large 10 litre bucket before funnelling into glass bottles. Some separations will occur so just gently shake before each use.
Also makes a great gift idea.