Trump's pandemic handling has 'really hurt' his re-election chances, says A Very Stable Genius author

Donald Trump’s mismanagement of the Covid-19 pandemic has “really hurt” his chances of being re-elected as US President in the November election with polls showing him consistently trailing behind Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

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White House Bureau Chief Philip Rucker told TVNZ1’s Breakfast that it has been a problem for the Trump administration. Source: Breakfast

That’s according to White House Bureau Chief Philip Rucker, who says even Mr Trump's campaign advisors and White House officials “realise he is losing the election”.

“They are scrambling at this hour to try to reverse the momentum in this campaign and give Trump a chance to come back,” says Rucker who also wrote the book A Very Stable Genius: Donald J.Trump's Testing of America.

"If it were held today he would probably not win a second term.”

Covid-19 case numbers are still surging in many states across the US, and Rucker says that includes many of the states Mr Trump is most popular in like Florida, Texas and Arizona.

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Just last week the United States' Covid-19 death toll passed 150,000, the highest in the world.

"It is mostly the president’s mismanagement of the pandemic of the coronavirus from the beginning that's really hurt his political fortunes.

"It is a problem for the Trump administration."

Rucker says though it’s risky to take polls at face value, considering the 2016 results which saw Mr Trump beat favourite Hilary Clinton.

Mr Trump has been trailing Joe Biden “consistently for the last several weeks by a significant margin” Rucker says.

“He’s trailing Biden by a greater margin nationally and in a lot of the key battleground states than he did in 2016 behind Hilary Clinton.

“Talking to Trump campaign advisors and Trump White House officials they realise that President Trump is losing the election."