Trump vs Clinton: The most talked about thing on Facebook among Kiwis, ahead of Kaikoura quake

It's been a 12 months riddled with highs and lows, across a range of issues, but it appears that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton ruffled Kiwi feathers the most this year.

Donald Trump doesn’t move to the White House until January 20 but his Secret Service has issued some advice. Source: 1 NEWS

New data has revealed the top 10 most talked about things among Kiwis on Facebook this year.

According to the data, the US Presidential Election was the most talked about thing among New Zealanders.

The Kaikoura earthquake was the second most discussed topic among Kiwis on Facebook.

Everyone was talking about the All Blacks' stellar year, but it was only the third most topical thing on social media among Kiwis.

Brexit was the fourth most talked about thing, while the Pokemon Go craze came ahead of the Olympic Games in Rio at number five.

Below is the top 10 list:

1. US Presidential Election

The person didn't know at the time, but the upper South Island was being slammed by a powerful quake as he recorded. Source: Facebook: Mykele Johansen Source: 1 NEWS

2. 2016 Kaikoura earthquake

The big burly lock who is only 22-years-old, scored a brilliant try on debut against Ireland at Soldier Field in Chicago. Source: 1 NEWS

3. All Blacks

Political Editor Corin Dann put the question to the Foreign Secretary, who says Kiwis coming to the UK is a good thing. Source: Breakfast

4. Brexit

Let’s just say Fair Go’s Brodie isn’t a huge fan of the Pokémon Go app or its users. Source: Breakfast

5. Pokemon Go

Sales of Bowie’s music have surged around the globe since the news of his death. Source: 1 NEWS

6. David Bowie

Back in the field for most of the race, Bolt dug deep in last 15 metres to mow down American rival Justin Gatlin. Source: SKY

7. Rio Olympics

The moment came as a bit of a shock among many who were at today's press conference Source: 1 NEWS

8. John Key

ONE News Europe Correspondent Emma Keeling was at the service in Belgium. Source: 1 NEWS

9. Anzac Day

John Key is at the ASEAN Summit, where he is championing Ms Clark's bid. Source: 1 NEWS

10. Helen Clark runs for UN Secretary General position