Trucks take fuel to Auckland Airport but some flights still disrupted by pipeline rupture




Deliveries of jet fuel are arriving at Auckland Airport by road, but some flights are still being disrupted by the ruptured pipeline in Northland.

The race to fix the pipeline is on and it's been confirmed a digger caused the damage.

Source: 1 NEWS

Thousands of passengers have been hit by cancellations and schedule changes since last Sunday after the pipeline carrying jet fuel to Auckland Airport from the Marsden Point refinery was damaged by a digger over a week ago.

Airlines are now being rationed 50 per cent of their normal jet fuel supplies, up from 30 per cent earlier this week after the leak was discovered.

Auckland Airport's website shows a number of departures to Australia this morning are cancelled and a number of arrivals from overseas are delayed, cancelled or rescheduled.

Tankers filling up at Marsden Point refinery are running a 24/7 supply line to the airport, and a large shipment of fuel is also arriving in the city by sea tonight.

With fuel restrictions on airlines eased, flight schedules are expected to be on track during the school holidays starting in a week.

Refining NZ says repairs are on schedule for the pipeline to be back in service late next week.

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