Trelise Cooper branded 'racist' for feathered headdress

A model wearing a Native Indian headdress by Trelise Cooper has sparked racial outrage on social media.

Trelise Cooper

The New Zealand designer posted a behind the scenes picture on her Facebook page ahead of her New Zealand Fashion Week show.

The feathery-tribal design which is captioned '70's bohemian vibes' has sent her Facebook comments into a frenzy.

"This is appalling offensive cultural appropriation," said Morgan Ashworth.

"Utterly shameful, racist and ignorant," commented Lisa Cullimore Ryder.

People were similarly outraged on Twitter, brandishing Ms Cooper as 'offensive' and 'racist'.

Good lord, Trelise Cooper thinks Native American headdresses are '70s'. Remarkable.

— Jon Lastnamé (@thelightisred) August 26, 2014

Ms Cooper is not the first designer to cop flak for using Indian headdress in a fashion show.

In 2012 lingere giant Victoria's Secret was heavily criticised for headdresses on models in their underwear.

The Guardian reported earlier this year organisers of a music festival in Canada banned people from wearing feathered headresses, known as war bonnets out of respect for the "dignity of aboriginal people".