Train hits herd of cattle in Hawke's Bay - 57 cows dead

A Kiwirail train it a herd of cattle in Hawke's Bay last night, with a total of 57 cows dead afterwards.

Kiwirail confirmed the incident, which happened south of Hastings between Poukawa and Opapa near State Highway 2 about 6pm.

The freight train was travelling from Napier to Palmerston North.

Kiwirail Executive General Manager of Operation Siva Sivapakkiam said "unfortunately 47 were killed and another 10 that were injured had to be euthanised.

"Incidents like this are distressing for all those involved.

"They are also a reminder of the need to keep land well-fenced to prevent them happening.

"There was some damage to the locomotive but it was able to carry on to Palmerston North after some repairs."

KiwiRail locomotives. Source: 1 NEWS