Train buff John Campbell shares touching story about going on trips with young son - 'the best adventure in the world'

TVNZ's new roving reporter John Campbell has spoken about his love for trains, following his antics at Yokohama Station.

During John's trip to Japan to cover the All Blacks' clash with the Wallabies, a report from Yokohama had TVNZ 1's Breakfast crew in stitches, with his childlike enthusiasm for public transport almost infectious.

Appearing on Breakfast again this morning, John talked through his love for the famed Japanese rail network.

"How can Japan make public transport work so much better than Auckland can?" he began.

"Christchurch doesn't even have trains for God's sake - and Wellington are just going through such a kerfuffle at the moment."

John then explained where his passion for trains come from, sharing a number of experiences with his son.

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    TVNZ’s roving reporter couldn’t resist a spot of trainspotting while in Yokohama. Source: Breakfast

    "When my boy was little, about three or four, our idea of the best adventure in the world was to go down to Britomart and catch the first train that was leaving, where ever it was going.

    "We'd just ride on the train until he'd had enough, and then we'd get off and get an ice cream at whatever dairy happened to be nearby, and catch the train back.

    "For me, trains are synonymous with the kind of joy of having a little boy, and going on adventures, really simple adventures.

    "In Japan, there's such an extraordinary efficiency attached to them, they move millions of people a day.

    "I sort of fell in love with them."

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      The new TVNZ journalist indulged his passion while in Japan following the All Blacks, an interest that started when his son was little. Source: Breakfast