TPP deal in serious doubt after Canada pulls out of final negotiations at APEC

The future of the TPP trade deal has been thrown into serious doubt today after Canada pulled out of final negotiations at APEC in Da Nang that had been expected to see the deal completed. 

The move came as a surprise as Canada had indicated last night that it had agreed in principle to the deal. 

In an extraordinary move, Canada did not even show up to the final round of negotiations. 

Negotiations are now postponed indefinitely. 

Trade sources had told 1 NEWS prior to APEC that if the deal was not done this weekend it could spell doom for the deal and push it back years. 

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says her government was at the table and was happy with the changes it had secured.

“We’ve just come from the gathering of TPP leaders where there was an expectation that we would have a final report, a final outcome of negotiations,” Ms Ardern told reporters as she was flanked by Trade Minister David Parker and Foreign Minister Winston Peters.

“I can update you that New Zealand had made good progress both on ISDS clauses but also on preserving market access which of course was incredibly important for our exporters as well as the work were were undertaking on ISDS,” she said.

“We were at the table and ready for that report back when circumstances outside of our control took place. It is true that Canada did not attend that meeting and those talks have now been postponed.”

1 NEWS political editor Corin Dann was in Da Nang following developments. Source: 1 NEWS

The Prime Minister said while "progress" had been made on the controversial agreement, Canada's failure to show at the negotiating table has stalled the process. Source: 1 NEWS

Back to Basics: Inspiring a community movement

This week we meet a couple of people who were so inspired by our columnist Lydia Harvey's journey to become supermarket and mass consumerism free that they joined her.

Lydia's friend Pauline.
Lydia's friend Pauline. Source: 1 NEWS

Pauline Tiraha
Lydia: Meet my dear friend Pauline who not only shares her excess baking and bottling with me, but she feeds the homeless and gives away meals to those in the community.

How did you hear about Lydia's supermarket-free challenge?

Pauline: I have known Lydia a very long time and have seen her journey unfold before she even knew what her journey would be.

What was it about Lydia's story that inspired you to do the same?
Pauline: It's inspired me to change the way I eat and establish multiple gardens for not only feeding myself but for those in need around me. I'm part of a community that grows produce together to help feed each other. It's amazing what we are all achieving by working together.

How are you finding your new lifestyle?
Pauline: I am now eating a high plant based diet which has done wonders for my health and energy levels. As the community comes together I'm finding there is no me and mine - everything really is shared and we’re all doing better because of it.

Lydia's friend Karah.
Lydia's friend Karah. Source: 1 NEWS

Karah Gray
Lydia: My friend Karah and I have bonded over bottling and bartering together. We also love to make handmade gifts for other together.

How did you hear about Lydia's supermarket-free challenge?
Karah: It was when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter that I came across Lydia's story. I was trying to work out how we were we going to survive on just one income and what we could we do to work on minimalizing our waste and save money. I could relate to Lydia's story.

What was it about Lydia's story that inspired you to do the same?
Karah: We knew if Lydia could do it with four children we could definitely do it with our one.

How are you finding your new lifestyle?
Karah: My daughter is now three months old and we have never been kinder to our environment and pockets. Following Lydia's journey has made me more aware of wastage, plastic usage, gifting handmade goods and investing in reusable items.

Everything we now purchase is a conscience choice and has changed our way of spending. We were pleasantly surprised with how much easier it was to do than it sounded.

Lydia's friend Phillip.
Lydia's friend Phillip. Source: 1 NEWS

Phillip Holden 

Lydia: My friend Philip has been a massive help to us redistributing plants he grows himself within the community.

How did you hear about Lydia's supermarket-free challenge?
Phillip: I heard about it through community dinners where we discussed how to grow our local economy.

What was it about Lydia's story that inspired you to do the same?
Phillip: Lydia's story showed if one person can make a difference imagine the difference we can create if we all come together.

How are you finding your new lifestyle?
Phillip: I'm finding the new lifestyle is bringing people in the community together and has us working towards mutual goals. Our current goal is to produce 5,000 fruit trees and to educate people on how they can feed themselves without having to partake in mass consumerism.

Source: 1 NEWS

From Lydia's Garden - Garden spiralizer salad

In a large bowl throw through the spiralizer machine
1/2 peeled beetroot
1 cored Apple
1/2 peeled red onion
1 carrot
1 cucumber
Once spiralizer add
1 handful of parsley
Crushed walnuts
Thin sliced capsicum
Sunflower seeds
Top with balsamic vinaigrette before serving.



Watch: Check out the palatial Whitianga Waterways project that features NZ's largest man-made island

With summer fast approaching, one man has been hard at work developing the country's biggest residential canal on the Whitianga Waterways.

Leigh Hopper has been working on the project for 17 years with the same team responsible for the construction of waterways at Pauanui on the Coromandel Peninsula.

When finished it's hoped the canal will be open to thousands of holiday-makers to enjoy.

Mr Hopper's ambitious plans also include the country's biggest man-made island, featuring 109 sections over 11 hectares.

When asked how many years it will take before the project is fully finished Mr Hopper told TVNZ1's Seven Sharp "20 to go probably".

Developers plan to make holidaying on a canal available to thousands. Source: Seven Sharp