TPP deal in serious doubt after Canada pulls out of final negotiations at APEC

The future of the TPP trade deal has been thrown into serious doubt today after Canada pulled out of final negotiations at APEC in Da Nang that had been expected to see the deal completed. 

The move came as a surprise as Canada had indicated last night that it had agreed in principle to the deal. 

In an extraordinary move, Canada did not even show up to the final round of negotiations. 

Negotiations are now postponed indefinitely. 

Trade sources had told 1 NEWS prior to APEC that if the deal was not done this weekend it could spell doom for the deal and push it back years. 

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says her government was at the table and was happy with the changes it had secured.

“We’ve just come from the gathering of TPP leaders where there was an expectation that we would have a final report, a final outcome of negotiations,” Ms Ardern told reporters as she was flanked by Trade Minister David Parker and Foreign Minister Winston Peters.

“I can update you that New Zealand had made good progress both on ISDS clauses but also on preserving market access which of course was incredibly important for our exporters as well as the work were were undertaking on ISDS,” she said.

“We were at the table and ready for that report back when circumstances outside of our control took place. It is true that Canada did not attend that meeting and those talks have now been postponed.”

1 NEWS political editor Corin Dann was in Da Nang following developments. Source: 1 NEWS

The Prime Minister said while "progress" had been made on the controversial agreement, Canada's failure to show at the negotiating table has stalled the process. Source: 1 NEWS