Touching tribute - 185 Canterbury quake victims memorialised on wall unveiled to families

Shrouded in black are 185 names. Names of victims who lost their lives almost exactly six years ago during the 2011 Christchurch Earthquake.

A wall has been built for the families as a place to come and find tranquillity, to honour those lost in quakes. Source: 1 NEWS

Those 185 names have been etched onto a national memorial in Christchurch.

And, tonight, the memorial will be blessed in front of a private audience, including family members of those who were killed.

Hollywood rock star Bruce Springsteen is in town, scheduling his concert tonight to show he stands with the people of Christchurch.

Among those who are attending the event are the Suzukis, who have flown back to Christchurch for the sixth time to remember their 31-year-old daughter Yoko, who died in the CTV collapse.

Kikuo Suzuki, Yoko's father, said the memorial was important to stop people from forgetting.

"The Christchurch people have built this wall here and at least now there will be a long-lasting memory for everyone to remember the tragedies," he said.

Last year, on the fifth anniversary, the families planted a garden near the memorial.

This year, they can sit and look across to see how it frames the finished wall.

Up to 60 workers have been doing over-time to get it ready for the families tonight.

A national memorial service will be held tomorrow, to mark the sixth anniversary since the quake.