Total loss of power led to Canterbury helicopter wedding crash, company says

A total loss of power led to the Canterbury helicopter wedding crash on Saturday, according to the helicopter company at the centre of the incident.

Source: 1 NEWS

Police were called to the Terrace Downs High Country Resort in Windwhistle, Selwyn District at around 3.05pm after reports of the helicopter crash.

Wyndon Aviation today released an update into the investigation of the crash.

"Although the investigation is still in its early stages, we have established the engine in the helicopter suffered a total power loss shortly after take off. Put simply the engine had stopped. Statistically this is a very rare occurrence," the statement reads.

"Of just as much concern however, investigations to date have been unable to provide an explanation of why the engine suffered a total power loss at such a critical stage of flight. These investigations are however continuing as it is imperative we find the cause for the engine to have lost power."

The helicopter model which crashed has had a long history of issues in the aviation industry.

"This accident will again raise the profile of the Robinson helicopter but it has to be remembered the power plant in the R44 is provided by a reputable third party manufacturer," Wyndon Aviation said.

The company says it has met with family members of victims of the crash to update them on the power loss issue.

The pilot, photographer, and bride and groom were all injured, three seriously while the fourth suffered moderate injuries. All four are in Christchurch Hospital.